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At Woods Farm we are able to supply you with a quality, freshly cut tree, direct from our farm of 300 acres, in Solihull, West Midlands.

The farm has an ongoing policy of thinning and replanting some 50,000 trees per year. For every tree harvested we will plant at least 1 tree to ensure that production is sustainable.

A real Christmas tree is a renewable resource and benefits the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing clean oxygen. Every acre of Christmas trees grown produces the daily oxygen requirement for 16 people. A hectare of Christmas trees will absorb 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. Our trees create a very small carbon footprint as they are delivered direct to you from our farm.

Christmas tree farms stabilize soil, protect water supplies and provide refuge for wildlife, while creating scenic green belts. Often, Christmas trees are grown on soil that doesn't support other crops.

A real Christmas tree is five times more environmentally compatible than an artificial tree. Such are the findings of a Swedish study undertaken by the Institute for Air and Environment in Gothenburg. The study is based on an analysis of the life cycle of natural trees and plastic trees (Artificial vs. Christmas trees).

Dr. Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace says:

'I often say that one way to protect the environment is to choose renewable materials and energy wherever possible. Artificial trees are made from non-renewable plastics abd petroleum-based products. Although some people claim that these trees last a lifetime, most are thrown away within nine years - and remain in landfill sites for centuries. For me the choice isn't real or artificial, but whether to buy a tree or one that's growing in a pot, which I can plant outside after the holidays.'

Other environmental benefits of a real Christmas tree:

  • Real trees are biodegradable, artificial trees are non-biodegradable.
  • Real trees are a renewable resource; the production of artificial trees uses large quantities of liquid fossil fuels, which is a non renewable resource.
  • Real trees have a very small associated carbon footprint, artificial trees create a substantial carbon footprint due to the use of fossil fuels in their production and the fact that they often have to be transported from half way around the world.


This Christmas, why not help the environment and choose a renewable resource - buy a real Christmas tree from us and reduce you carbon footprint.

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