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Woods Farm Christmas Tree selection

Like all living things, each Christmas tree species has it's own special characteristics, which, if understood can add to your enjoyment. Follow this link to a guide to the different tree species we sell at Woods Farm

Trees can be purchased in a number of formats dependent on size

At Woods Farm we can provide trees in the following options :
  • Cut tree
  • Cut tree with wooden block
  • Cut tree with stand and watering system
  • 'Root Balled' trees for re planting in your garden (larger trees)
  • Containerised Trees for replanting at home (smaller trees)
  • Rooted Trees to pot at home
  • Rooted trees pre-potted

Decide on where you will place the tree

Will it be seen from all sides or will some of it be up against a wall? Be sure to choose a spot away from heat sources, such as TVs, fireplaces, radiators and air ducts. Place the tree clear of doors.

Measure the height and width of the space you have available in the room where the tree will be placed

There is nothing worse than bringing a tree indoors only to find it's too tall. Take a tape measure with you to measure your chosen tree and bring a cord to tie your tree to the car. At Woods Farm we do provide measuring sticks and cord, so if you forget do not worry!

Remember to choose a tree that fits where it is to be displayed

For example if the tree is displayed in front of a large window, then all four sides should look as good as possible. If the tree is displayed against a wall, then a tree with three good sides would be okay. A tree with two good sides would work well in a corner.

It goes with saying choose a fresh tree but how can I tell?

A fresh tree will have a healthy green appearance with few browning needles. Needles should be flexible and not fall off if you run a branch through your hand. Raise the tree a few inches off the ground and drop it on the butt end. Green needles should not drop off the tree. It is normal for a few inner brown needles to drop off.

Decide on the method for fixing/standing/watering your tree

This is vital especially if you have young children, pets or the tree is postioned in a busy area. There are many commercial avialble stands and bases available some with inbuilt watering facilities. Woods Farm provide a number of attractive solutions to assist you in keeping your tree upright and watered during the Chtristmas period.
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